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Interview: Lending Startup Founder (Amir Nada)

Amir Nada, entrepeneur and founder of ROSHI, joined us for an interview to talk about business and his startup Roshia, a home loan application software.

How are you, and how did your business journey start?

I am doing great! Currently working remotely from Portugal and appreciating the opportunity to be here.. 10 years ago I purchased my first website on flippa.com which I sold 5 years later for six figures. Been building and selling websites ever since.

You created a home loan application ROSHI; how did its idea come about?

I was considering buying a property during the pandemic but got extremely frustrated with existing solutions. During my home buying journey I experienced a complete lack of personalisation (published rates which I enquired for were no longer available or I simple didn’t qualify) finding suitable mortgage options took me weeks if not month of research.

You have 20 seconds to sell ROSHI to a potential customer. What’s your pitch?

Imagine a platform that provides you with access to all mortgage solutions available to you considering your very own financial circumstances (basically all the ones you will get approved for) directly in one dashboard, accessible from your phone or desktop. Absolutely no more running from bank to bank or getting harassed on the phone.

What is your advice to young buyers in Singapore looking to get their first home?

Doing your own research and sourcing offers from multiple providers is still the best way to not miss out on the best available rates. A platform like ROSHI can help borrowers do the leg work, they can even chat with loan managers directly on the platform to fast track the application process.

Finally, what piece of advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs that you wished you had when you were younger?

Embrace business failures because with the right attitude and a willingness to learn from them, success will usually follow.

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