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Former Brewdog Employees Write an Open Letter, Detailing an Atmosphere of ‘fear’ at The Company

Brewdog, the company behind many ‘cool’ marketing campaigns, has been exposed by its former employees in an open letter that mentions many controversies and allegations, including mistreatment of employees. The letter, which directed to BrewDog in hope for change, stated, “You spent years claiming you wanted to be the best employer in the world, presumably to help you to recruit top talent, but ask former staff what they think of those claims, and you’ll most likely be laughed at. Being treated like a human being was sadly not always a given for those working at BrewDog.”

Amongst the open letter, many strangers or former consumers of BrewDog responded heavily on social media in support of the former employees. Here are some of the responses from the public.

In response to the letter, James Watts, the “captain of BrewDog” released a statement.

Read the full open letter here.

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