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Playstation 5 to Drop on Argos

Consumers had another disappointing day as the PS5 digital and disc versions were snapped up quickly by Game and AO website consumers. The good news is that there is another opportunity to obtain a PlayStation 5 for those who missed out again.


Argos is planning to release a flurry of PS5 consoles at 1 AM on the 18th of June. According to rumours, this will be available on the official Argos app, available for download on the app store.

Smyths Toys

A few PS5 consoles will also be made available on Smyths’ platform. The date has not been determined based on any valid information. However, their site does state that they will be released during June.

What are my best chances?

According to some expert buys, getting the more expensive bundles will increase your chances of receiving a PS5. In part, this is due to their price, since people do not wish to pay more for the console than it is worth.

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