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Twitter Is Refusing To Verify These Publications

The social media giant Twitter is no joke. With millions of daily users, keeping the platform clean is vital for the platform. This is where their Verified tick comes into play, a tool made to identify celebrities, journalists, media accounts and other notable figures. Twitter has recently made it available for anyone to apply for this prestigious tick; however, many publications such as Our Culture Mag and Clash were REJECTED.

Twitter has denied these accounts verification status without explanation, even though most of their counterparts are verified. It’s unknown if Twitter will rectify this or make a new form for publications themselves that will let them prove their standards. In some ways, this may be a way to control which publications get attention or which Twitter feels do not have the funding to be verified, even though their journalistic standards are higher. The reason is simply unclear. Clash and Our Culture, both have coverage on the internet, and both have stated that they submitted valid documentation that gives zero reasons for Twitter not to verify.

Will Twitter verify these profiles?

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